03. bis 07. Juli 2024
Konrad Alverdes and Klara Kobzeva in Tbilisi, Georgia

The meaning we ascribe to our heart in gestures and idioms has little in common with the medical view of the heart as a pump that moves blood. Is there a connection between an intuitive understanding, reflected in the poetry and mystics of all cultures, and a scientific view?

Turning towards the embryonic appearance of the heart can create such a connection. The embryonic heart forms itself as the centre of our embodied being. It takes on a function of perception, expression and synchronisation long before neural structures and sensory organs are developed accordingly.

We can use an attunement to the embryonic heart to cultivate an empathetic therapeutic presence. This creates a resonance space of the heart that bulges forwards between the navel and the face. It is an individual space but not dominated by personality here we are touched by impressions and impulses arise instantaneously.

The heart has its own knowledge, its own truth. In a therapeutic process it is often helpful to establish and address the heart as an entity in its own right.

The pulsation of the heart unites and connects the various systems and rhythms of our body to one organism. Tidal rhythms arise, when the multitude of physiological rhythms and their interferences are finding to a natural coherence.

The contents of the course include:

  • The heart as the still point of fluid dynamics
  • The relative sinking of the heart into the developing body
  • The heart as an expression of individual being
  • The spatial proportions of the embryonic heart and its supply area
  • The heart as an organ of perception and expression
  • Resonance space of the heart
  • Social nervous system and pharyngeal arches
  • Balance between heart and brain
  • The heart's connection to the hands and face
  • Connection to the back of the heart
  • Contact with the cardiovascular system
  • The heart as an entity in the therapeutic process

Course language will be English with Russian translation. The seminar takes place near Tibilisi, Georgia.

Beginn ist Mittwoch um 10 Uhr. Die Kursgebühr beträgt 540 Euro.