21. bis 25. Septemberi 2022
with Konrad Alverdes in Athens, Greece

Experience, how to establish a stable and grounded presence is an important life skill. In a therapeutic setting it is a fundamental requirement for meeting and accompanying others. Steps towards this quality of presence will be differentiated and explored. The resulting serenity allows us to access our natural, innate capacity for compassion. Resonance occurs when we are touched by the other person’s experience. Out of this resonance insights and impulses may arise.

In this seminar we will explore principals of contact that allow a dynamic process to unfold due to an inner intention for health and resolution. It is always grounded in the attention to present sensations. Certain prerequisites have to be considered, to allow a shift from the everyday life to a state, where somatic, emotional and mental compensations can relax. Then a process can arise, that is connected to existential depth. 

To explore a deeper understanding of the heart will be at the core of this training. The way we relate to our heart in gestures and phrases has little in common with the medical view of the heart as a pump moving our blood. Is there a link between the intuitive understanding that is reflected in poetry and mystics of nearly all cultures and the scientific perspective?

Turning towards the embryonic appearance of the heart can reveal such a connection. The embryonic heart takes form as a centre of our embodied being. It takes over functions of perception, expression and synchronisation long before neural structures and sensory organs are developed accordingly.

We can use an attunement to the embryonic heart to support a presence that embodies compassion and serenity. A resonance space of the heart is created. It bulges forward between face and navel. It is an individual space, but it is not dominated by personality. Here we are touched by impressions and impulses arise instantaneously.

This ontogenetic approach will be complemented by the phylogentic view onto the development of the parasympathetic, sympathetic and social nervous system. The polyvagal theory, as laid out by Stephen Porges, gives us a very useful description of our innate physiological capacity for empathy, compassion and care.

The pulsation of the heart unifies and connects all the different systems and rhythms of the body to one organism. Tidal phenomena arise when the multitude of physiological rhythms and their interferences are finding to a natural coherence.

This seminar will be experiential. It will include guided meditation, sharing of personal experience, process oriented contact by voice and touch in pairs and groups of three. Basis of any process work is the orientation to present somatic sensations. Embryology will be presented in an easy and lively way.

For this seminar people with and without previous training in Craniosacral Therapy are equally welcome. Special foreknowledge is not required. Course language is English with Greek translation.

Beginn ist Mittwoch um 9:30 Uhr. Die Kursgebühr beträgt 510 Euro.